Trotation - by Jean Katambayi

Conceptual artist Jean Katambayi contributed to MAONO in 02013 and 02014.

Jean already had the concept for Trotation ready before he even heard of MAONO. The earth turns in orbit around the sun and also rotates around its own axis. People who live closer to the equator make a larger revolution than those nearer the poles. This fictional machine is designed to re-establish remedy this imbalance by adding a third spin that changes even the laws of nature.

Jean discussed his idea of building a machine for undoing inbalance in the world with the participants at the outset of their collaboaration. Together they produced a list of actions and ideas that could provide a true third rotation. The group collected materials, worked on drawings and construction to start the realisartion of the T-hird ROTATION.

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