Roadbook and Missions

The Roadbook bundles 21 missions for collecting, exploring and creating images of the future.  These missions stimulate observations, analysis, creatvity and a critical attitude. They provide the red thread for the cultural exchange and encourage long-term thinking.


The bulk of the missions is carried out during the three week exploration period in Katanga. The participants determine for themselves in what order they tackle their missions. For each mission a set of questions guides the reflection and no mission is complete without the inclusion of one or more images. Ideas for the future are developed in words and images. Visualising and rendering the futures tangible this way, is a challenge that sharpens the attention. Images narate differently. Looking and seeing, imagining and representing, change how the future is experienced and deepen engagement with possibilities for tomorrow.

There are seven mission types in the Roadbook:

With orientation missions, participants test their own relationwhip with the future. They make a self-portrait today and next to that, a represenation of themselves in the year 02030. They look for visions of the future in places where they feel at home, in their family and elsewhere.


The second set of missions stimulates observation and seeks to make participants alert for references to the future that are all around us.


With the construction missions participants make up and design a range of futures using different building blocks. They place alternative possibilities next to each other and look at their desirability.


The specials missions allow participants to work in their own field of interest, themes and topics they treat in their studies, related to their personal experience or the programme of visits during the exploration, receive attention.


The explorers share their work with eachother and the world. They compare and combine each others missions. In a co-creation proces with an artist they are involved in the emergence and distribution of a unique artistic image of the future.


A third of the missions in the Roadbook invites participants to hold and record conversations about the future. In these semi-structured conversations, personal, local and global scales are treated and positive as well as negative posibilities are discussed.


To keep track of all the information, meetings, visits and images of the futures that are brought together, there is one mission for navigation, where lists and logs are kept.