Oiseaux Sans Tête

Oiseaux Sans Tête (OST) is a pluridisciplinairy visual arts collective. The collective is based in Brussels but its members are located in different cities in Belgium and France. The collective creates interventions in public space and participatory modes of creation. Its first large project was the curation of an exhibition of images created in participatory workshops with local publics for the 2010 International Biennale of Photography (BIP) in Liège. OST organises and runs one-off photo-studios with do-it-yourself props, dress-up clothes, masks, cut outs and special effects. The collective also contributes to neighbourhood events, international cultural exchange and workshop series.

Agence Future has contributed to the development of a series of Logbooks with OST and Studio Public. Experience with this simple but effective particpatory instrument for creating collections of images with non-specialist participants has oriented the development of Agence Future’s own toolkit into the curent roadbook. One-off projects with activities for a broad public in public space (the Flemish Parliament during the E-dinges Festival or the Parc of Braine L’alleud for the 40th anniversary of the Cultural Centre) were set up with the collective.