AF with WAZA at Documenta

Agence Future joined WAZA at Documenta 15 - Lumbung for four days of polylogue aimed at the co-creation of various images of the futures of artistic practices. 

Half a dozen in depth conversations and as many quick-fire conversations as well as two dedicated workshops contributed to a videologue, relating and visualising different perspectives on what artists, their communities and subcultures can mean for the futures and how they see themselves in the long run. Our conversation partners were our guides as we considered what contemporary artistic practices may contribute to and get from personal, local and global futures. 

Through accounts of our own co-created futures explorations and by sharing and repeating the processes behind them, by listening to the stories of others, by recording, selecting and editing live in the thick of the action, we took part in Waza’s Baraza to the full extent. By engaging in a process relying on successful multi-vocality, sharing our earlier harvests, picking low-hanging fruits together and planting seeds for tomorrow’s crop, we take part in the event’s Lumbung. 

Documenta has been labelled a key rendezvous for contemporary art and as such can provide a convivial setting for the scaled polylogues that our practice seeks to enliven. Already understood as a driving force transforming the artworld, DocumentaXV putting collectivity centre stage, provides a natural setting for attempting futures-oriented co-creation.