E-dinges Festival

During the E-dinges festival on November 20th 02010, organised by the Instituut Samenleving en Technologie at the Flemish Parliament, AF and les Oiseaux Sans TĂȘtes (OST) took care of two interactive installations for an audience survey on digital technologies and the digital futures of Flanders.

The first was a fully automated installation developed and produced with Jean-Francois Roversi. The audio-wall allows the public to record responses to questions tailored to the topic of an event or interests of a location. What is more, the recordings can be replayed and listened to immediately. The wall has a touchscreen interface for making the recording, and 20 sockets for listening to what has already been recorded. With the head-phones four people can listen to the recordings simultaniously. The questions are marked on the wall next to each socket and are repeated on the touch screen. This means that -other than technical supervision- the wall can be used by the public without any human intervention. The wall is made out of inox and can be hung against a wall or between poles. The design on its surface by Deborah Robianoh that connects the different sockets, is laser engraved and puts this object on the frontier where new skool meets old skool. At the E-dinges Festival, the audio-wall presented 20 questions on information and communication technology.

During the festival we also interviewed 21 people in the Photomaton, a black wooden box in which an invisible photographer or cameraman can talk with participants while they are being filmed or photographed. If you understand Dutch you can check out three of the interviews below.